Carrying it up

  • handing over paraglider – mountainbiker
  • via river drava in direction Leisach
  • through the area of Leisach up to the ladies start
  •  from the ladies start, the forest road leads to the impounding reservoir at Moosalm
  • at the south oft he impounding reservoir drive on the left hand side over the steps through the forest to Moosalm
  • then follow the forest road back to the impounding reservoir. In the north you find refreshment area 1
  • from the imounding reservoir uphill in the direction Hochsteinkreuz
  • the second refreshment area is at the the fork from the Stadtweg direction Hochsteinhütte
  • follow the forest road in direction Hochsteinhütte „Taxer Gassl“
  • the 3rd refreshment area is at the fork from Russenweg direction Hochsteinhütte- at the end of the forest road the bike has to be carried most of the passage
  • here the downhill strats with a loop in direction „Gampelehütte“ (2041 mh)
  • from „Gampelehütte“ the track lead back to Hochsteinhütte
  • from Hochsteinhütte you take the ski slope „Gamsabfahrt“ in direction Sternalm
  • you pass Sternalm via the ski slope in direction ladies start and follow the forest road to Moosalm (you already know this from uphill)
  • at the end oft he forest road you have to turn right immideately to pass the „Red Bull Arch“ to Moosalm and on to the „Alban Lakata Trail“
  • follow the trail to the point the tarmac road almost touches the trail (point 24 on the track map)
  • now you have to leave the trail and you have to drive the road till fork „Sonnensteig“. Follow this trail till Leisach
  • pass the area of Leisach till you reach Sportplatz Leisach

2019 Course

  • START: Lienz – Dolomiten Stadion

  • FINISH: Leisach (sports ground)

  • Length of course on MOUNTAIN: around 16 kilometres

  • Length of course in VALLEY: around 10 kilometres

  • Altitude difference: 1,600 metres

  • Average gradient: 26.4%

  • Compulsory and directional gates: around 15


After taking over from the paragliders, the course goes through the town towards the ‘Ladies’ Start’. Form the ‘Ladies’ Start’, the cyclists go over the ski piste in the direction of Moosalm. From Moosalm, the course leads straight to the Moosalm reservoir, then to the right onto the ‘Stadtweg’. At the junction of Sternalm and Taxer Gassl is the first drinks station. The course then continues along the direction indicated to the Hochsteinhütte viewing point. The second drinks station is at Glanzeralm. The route then follows a forest path to Hochsteinhütte. Just before path reaches the Hochsteinkreuz it finishes and bikes need to be carried again. Upon reaching the ridge, the course continues (in a truncated way) around the Gamperlehütte and back to the Hochsteinhütte. This is where the downhill section to Leisach starts. Ski gates show the way to the bikers. Going past the Sternalm, Moosalm and Gribelehof, the course races over forest paths, ski slopes and gravel roads to the finish in Leisach. A detailed route description will follow as soon as everything has been agreed with the landowners!


  • The uphill section is subject to change. The exact downhill route will be marked out thoroughly two days before the event and made available for viewing.

  • Tips: Knowing the exact route is an advantage, as always. It is definitely worth taking a trip over the course at least once or twice to avoid any nasty surprises. The bike should be as light as possible for the uphill section and as robust as possible for the downhill part.

  • Downhill: the course runs down the men’s H2000 downhill ski run: Hochsteinkreuz,
Sternalm, ‘Ladies’ start’, Moosalm, Alban Lakata Trail and finishes in Leisach.

  • Safety signs around the course recommend decreasing speed at certain points! Watch out for these at all times!!

  • Training for the event is done at every participant’s own risk. The course is open for inspection only. Sponsorship on headgear is reserved by the organisers!

Reasons for disqualification

  • 1. Not wearing a helmet

  • 2. Improper bike markings. (Double bike markings, tyres and frames) – This will be checked at the finish!

  • 3. Not following the designated course

  • 4. Not going through the compulsory gates

  • 5. Help from others (strictly forbidden in any form!)

  • 6. Changing bikes (the use of different bikes for the uphill and downhill sections is forbidden, defective bikes must be pushed or carried, no replacement bikes or tyres can be used)

Picture Gallery


Ergebnisse / Results 2019

Unter dem nachfolgenden Link findest du alle Ergebnisse vom 32. Red Bull Dolomitenmann.

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