A battle for every metre

It is one of the toughest mountain runs of the world. Over a course 12 kilometres long, a 2000-metre altitude gain is to be overcome. Some passages literally force the athletes to their knees and can be overcome only on all fours. On the main square in Lienz, at 674 m above sea level, the struggle for every metre starts as the athletes set their sights on Kuhbodentörl, at 2441 metres altitude – a breathtaking place to finish, which the athletes reach in 1.5-2.5 hours.

2019 Route

  • Lienz, Main Square ( 46°49’45.88″N / 12°46’9.27″E )
- Main Square (674m altitude)
- Andrä-Kranz-Gasse, Zwergergasse, Amlacherstrasse, Draubrücke
- Rechter Drauweg

  • Amlach ( 46°48’49.43″N / 12°45’36.92″E )
- Amlach church (through Amlach) to Waldschenke Guesthouse

  • Goggsteig ( 46°48’25.86″N / 12°45’29.75″E )
- steep, rocky climb up to the summit of Gogghütte (360m climb in altitude over a 900m path)
- Gogghütte (first drinks station, 1053m altitude);
- around 1km through the forest track until the junction with ‘Franz Lerch Weg’ (take a right)
- Franz-Lerch-Weg (around 600m)

  • Klammbrückl ( 46°47’25” N / 12°45’57” E )
- Klammbrückl (second drinks station, 1096m altitude)
- Sharp left into the Kerschbaumer Alm Weg (3m-wide gravel path)
- Around 2km to Hallebach

  • Enter Hallebachtal ( 46°46’48” N / 12°46’12” E )
- Hallebach (third drinks station, 1374m altitude)
- Take a sharp right 30m outside of Hallebach up a very steep track – Go through pine fields and land like virgin forest until reaching the tree line – Tree line (fourth drinks station, 2000m altitude)
- Past the summit (Mitterkogel) to the left (fifth drinks station)

  • Kühbodentörl ( 46°45’43” N / 12°44’23” E ) – FINISH (2441m altitude) – sixth drinks station


  • Substitute course: 
Should weather conditions not allow for a run in the Lienz Dolomites (due to strong wind or snowfall etc.) the mountain running will instead take place on the nearby mountain of Hochstein. The race leadership will make this decision as necessary. The exact course description will be announced in due time, in this case (with a briefing).

  • Clothing: The finish of the mountain run is situated in high alpine territory. It is absolutely essential that athletes ensure they wear appropriate footwear and enough warm clothing for the race, as well as pack warm items in their clothes bags for the way back down. Clothes bags will be flown by the organisers in a helicopter up to the finish at the top of Kühbodentörl.

  • WATCH OUT: Participants will have to walk downhill for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Kühbodentörl to the shuttle bus stop. Please think of that when choosing clothing! Clothes bags must be handed in at the starting area by 7.15 on the morning of race day at the very latest. Start: all mountain runners need to be at the start point in the main square in Lienz between 09:40 and 09:50 in the morning on Saturday 7th September 2019! Anyone not there will face disqualification! Signs: Yellow road markings. Yellow signs in the forest, red-white-red warning signs, and yellow ‘Dolomitenmann’ signposts. No climbing equipment allowed!! It is obligatory to pass through the checkpoints on the course. Important note: Anyone failing to reach the entrance of ‘Hallebachtal’ by 11:15 will be ruled out of the competition! Winning time: Approximately 1 hour 25 minutes. Training is done at every participant’s own risk. The course is open for inspection only.

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Ergebnisse / Results 2019

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