Taking on the current to the end

First of all, after taking over from the mountain bikers, there is a sprint to and through the river Drava.  Then is the first important hurdle – snapping on the kayak, closing the spray deck and leaping from a height of seven meters with the kayak into the river Drava. Often the equipment has failed to last this jump, marking the end of many teams’ competition. Having landed comfortably in the River Drava, a five kilometre-long whitewater regatta awaits with difficult upstream passages that push the sportsmen to their limits. In addition, the unusual length of the course – the kayakers are in action for over 30 minutes – is a particular challenge for the athletes. After completing the last few metres in the River Isel, the kayakers need to complete a sprint finish on the main square in Lienz with their equipment (the boat!). That is no easy task after the efforts in the water, and especially with cold feet.

2019 course


  • 7m freefall

  • regatta course till slalom (approx. 1340m)

  • slalom (approx. 185m): 17 gates

  • regatta course (approx. 230m)

  • first upstream zone (approx. 70m)

  • regatta course (approx. 950m)

  • second upstream zone (approx. 100m)

  • regatta course till the rivers Drava and Isel meet

  • ISEL

  • upriver (approx. 220m)

  • cataract with 7 gates (2x transfer)

  • downriver till exit (approx.240m)

  • mandatory 360 degree Eskimo role at the gate marked „R“ just above the Fischwirtsbrücke

  • sprint with the whole equipment via Südtirolerplatz to the finish on the main square


  • Only standard boats allowed:
    Lenght: max. 3,80m
    Weight: min. 15 kg
    Width: min 55cm (messure point: entry hatch)
    (questionable boats can be put to the jury for examination in advance)

  • Material: HTP or PE (series boats), NO KEVLAR, NO CARBON, NO
POLYESTER!!!!! AND NO KEEL!!! (e.g. Perception Wavehopper)

  • No adaptations can be made to the boat e.g. wheels, as the boat needs to be in original condition

  • For any questions on the boat or other questions on the course: Günther Oberwalder – 0043/(0)664 8297041

  • Every kayaker must have a life jacket that fulfils ICF regulations!! Also compulsory are a helmet and suitable footwear (competing barefoot is forbidden due to the injury risk in running). Any outside help of any kind is strictly forbidden!

  • All boats must be checked by the race leadership before the event and approved for the start (length and weight). A BOAT CHECK IS ESSENTIAL BEFORE STARTING!!!

  • Boats can be taken to the inspection point from 7:30. Only after passing the inspection can boats be left in the starting area. No boat storage overnight!!!

  • Only one person at a time can dive into the river. The first to close the spraydeck on the ramp gets priority for the tilt start. The spraydeck MUST ALWAYS be closed.

  • All gates must be navigated in numerical order. Red gates are upstream gates (to be navigated against the flow of the river) and green gates are downstream gates (to be navigated with the flow of the river). The gates are designed so that average kayakers can get through the course without major difficulties.

  • Not all gates have two posts. Where there is just one post hanging, the gate must always be navigated to the side that the number is attached to.

  • After finishing, boats can be stored in the area of the stage. These must be collected by 16:30. Should the boat not be collected on time, it will be kept safe by the Osttirol kayak club and can be returned for a payment of €100. The full fee will go into the club’s youth training.

  • Light contact with a post will not result in a penalty! Penalties will, however, be awarded for clearly holding onto a post with a hand or deliberately knocking a post away. The principal of the imagined perpendicular line (cross-piece) to the line attaching the posts is valid. Kayakers need to stay within that.

  • Should an athlete break a paddle while on the course, a replacement can be supplied (by his own support staff).


  • LIFEGUARDS are posted at all important points.

  • The record for the event is around 35 minutes. Average kayakers need around 15-30 minutes longer. Difficulty rating: max: WW 4

  • Tip: Always try to gain eye contact with the referees (wearing high-visibility jackets), to be sure that you have successfully cleared a gate.

  • Training for the event is done at every participant’s own risk. The course is only open for inspection!


Gates must be navigated in the correct direction with the whole head and one part of the boat. All gates in the Isel Waterfall must be navigated according to the rules, otherwise disqualification may result. All upstream zones need to be navigated from low to high (simply follow the numbers). Mistakes at gates, indicated by red signals and whistles from the referee, require the gate to be approached and passed again (carry the boat back and embark again). All upstream sections are navigable by paddling from one eddy to the next eddy. After three unsuccessful attempts to get from one eddy to the next, portage from the eddy is allowed, although only from one eddy to the next one. The spray skirts must be closed each time. Help from others of any kind is forbidden, and breaking this rule will result in disqualification! There are checkpoints!

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